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Unite Leadership Center

Imagine a group of Lutheran churches collaborating to intentionally train lay leaders to fulfill their God-given call for the sake of the lost. Imagine a group of Lutheran churches recognizing that every church has gifts to give and receive from one another, and then intentionally working to make one another strong where weak. Imagine a regional network of paid and non-paid church and school leaders offering their area of expertise to bless other churches and schools. It’s not that hard to imagine. It is what the Unite Leadership Center aims to offer. 

Here is more detail and a list of frequently asked questions regarding the vision of the Unite Leadership Center. 

The Unite Center will specialize in meeting three ministry needs:

1.  Classes, Workshops & Resources:
Classes, workshops, and resources to amplify theological, educational, and operational church leadership growth. Think of it like a “Lutheran Bible School” for theological and operational leadership excellence. It will be:

  • High Quality - In-class and distance education utilizing the best 21st technology possible. 
  • Very Inexpensive
  • Certifying and Commissioning Lay Leaders (some of the titles listed below)

2.  Network of Coaches:
Development of a network of paid and non-paid church and school leaders who coach others in their respective area of expertise.

3.  Inter-Church Economies of Scale:
Development of Inter-Church Economies of Scale. The Unite Leadership Center will be an “umbrella” organization for meaningful and cost-effective church collaboration.

FAQ's : Who? Why? How?

Who would get this training?
Anyone exploring leadership and yearning to go deeper in their walk with Jesus. This could include anyone desire to become a:

  • Small Group Leader
  • Deacon
  • Evangelist
  • Teacher
  • Elder
  • Finance and Operational Leader

Why is the ULC needed?

Macro Why?
Our churches and pastors are autonomous. We divide and differentiate, even within the LCMS, and it drastically hurts our witness to the watching world. Church unity matters, and there are numerous ways that churches and schools can share and build economies of scale to steward resources well, and invite more into a journey with Jesus.

The LCMS currently offers high-level theological training delivery methods (university and seminary) that is expensive, and unnecessarily burdensome for many people. We need a mechanism to disciple and deploy marginalized people group leaders who may not be able to afford or qualify for such training. 

The LCMS needs theological delivery methods that are tied to the needs of the  local church, with ongoing leadership development opportunities. 

Micro Why?

Most  LCMS pastors want to work together to disciple their leaders. The Lutheran Church Missouri Synod (LCMS), our national church body, is experiencing a drastic decline in vocational ministers (pastors, teachers, DCE’s, etc.). Local churches must take responsibility for creating leadership development pathways to discover, develop and deploy leaders for local, national and international kingdom-expanding work. 

Want to hear awesome news? The East Valley pastors love and care for one another! We are on the same mission. We champion one another and our churches. Therefore, we want to collaborate to bring the best theological and operational wisdom to our incredible lay leaders. That is what the Unite Leadership Center aims to do. 

Finally, the Unite Leadership Center model is being explored by the three West Coast districts of the LCMS as the primary model for lay leadership development. 

How can you help?

Please schedule a Live the Journey visit. The ULC is a major component of the Live the Journey generosity campaign. 

Please pray that Jesus would make the ULC a reality here in the East Valley. Please pray that the ULC model could be shared with other districts in the LCMS so that disciples of Jesus are deployed to share the Gospel of the risen Jesus!