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Salt and Light

March 31, 2019 Speaker: Pastor Jake Boessling Series: Red Letter Challenge

Everything's better with flavor...thanks to salt! Salt is used in cookbooks. Did you know “salt” is used in the Bible too?

Salt. Light. Those can be churchy terms. Those can also be terms that we really don’t even understand. What did Jesus mean when He preached to His people in Matthew 5:13-16 telling them, “You are the salt…” and “You are the light…”

I hope to explain those terms on Sunday so you get it but the bottom line is this: When we serve as God’s salt and light, the Christian life will taste better to outsiders and our lives will put a spotlight on Jesus. You all serve in so many incredible ways as God’s salt and light! Join us Sunday with your Bible in hand to dive into week 4 of the Red Letter Challenge and hear incredible stories of your fellow Christian family serving locally, nationally and internationally.

In Christ, Pastor Jake

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