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King Herod

December 16, 2018 Speaker: Pastor Jake Boessling Series: Turning Point

I pray every crazy villain has a turning point. A change of heart. An epiphany of transformation. Get this...there is always hope for a turning point change when King Jesus is on the throne. King Herod “the Great” was crazy. He was stressed to secure his earthly throne so much so that he killed a few of his sons and one of his wives believing they were threats. And yet he could have had a true turning point if he just surrendered to the one true king - humble baby Jesus.

Sometimes people in our lives can be crazy...or difficult...or just plain rude. How do we deal with crazy Herod’s in our lives? How did Jesus deal with Herod and other crazy leaders in his lifetime?

Bring your Bible Sunday to find out, as we dive into more of Herod’s story documented in Matthew 2.

Jesus is King, Pastor Jake

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