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Out With the Old and In With the New

November 25, 2018 Speaker: Vicar Joe Highley Series: Turning Point

The birth of Jesus was a turning point in history. Joseph and Mary weren’t the only ones to be changed forever by this experience. Over the next five weeks leading to Christmas Eve, we will be following a host of people as they heard the good news of Jesus coming to earth as a baby to be born. There was a huge buildup to the birth of Jesus filled with travel arrangements, dreams, marriages, and jealous kings. Join us as we journey to the manger to witness the birth of Jesus as a turning point for all of humanity.

This week we will be talking about Zechariah and Elizabeth. Their story occurs before the birth of Jesus, but their lives are still transformed because of their relation to the coming Christ Child. Indeed, Zechariah and Elizabeth led lives in eager expectation of the coming Messiah and were transformed by their faith that God would fulfill His promises. How have you been transformed by your faith in God's promises? Just as Zechariah and Elizabeth awaited for Jesus to come, so we too eagerly await his second coming! Read up on Luke chapter 1 to prepare for this weeks message, and we will see you on Sunday!


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