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Beyond Imagination

November 4, 2018 Speaker: Vicar Joe Highley Series: I Can Only Imagine

How do you describe the indescribable? What words do you use when no words fit? Last week Pastor Jake talked about redemption. He talked about Jesus is coming back and how he will make all things new.

This week, I am so excited to be closing our “Imagine” series as we get to go one step further and talk about what this new heaven and new earth will be like. Do you ever take time to stop and think about heaven and what it’s going to be like? In the Bible, when people are given glimpses of heaven, they are always completely overwhelmed by what they see. They sometimes describe it with odd language and metaphors. It’s indescribable! Heaven is beyond imagination!

This week we are going to be especially focusing in on John chapter 14, verses 1 – 7. Read that and its surrounding context if you get the chance before Sunday. Jesus describes heaven as a house with many rooms, and there is a room there with your name on it! Bring your Bibles and we will see you on Sunday!

Blessings! Vicar Joe

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