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Generation Z

September 9, 2018 Speaker: Pastor Jake Boessling Series: Love Unleashed

Topic: Generation Z

Do you ever hold back love from others? Yes...we all do it!

Thank God He doesn't put a leash on how much He loves us. His love is unleashed to catch us, change us and continue to captivate us! God's love is unconditional, unending and never held back. Wow, I want to love others like that!

Join us Sunday as I get to open our five-week series we are calling "Love Unleashed!" God will be inviting us to recognize the great leaps He has taken to save us from our sins and inviting us each to do the same to others who need that same love unleashed to them.

I love the story of Zacchaeus, "the wee little man," who met Jesus and was forever changed by one act of love. Some of you can't help but sing the children's song in your head the rest of the day - embrace it!

Take a moment before Sunday to read the story in Luke 19:1-10 and then bring your Bible with you (I'm not just saying that - bring your Bible, take notes, and follow along...there is something about bringing your Bible to church that helps us grow in our journey with Jesus) as we dive into the story to experience Jesus speaking to us in His Word about having a love unleashed to others!

Thankful that God is love, Pastor Jake

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