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Lean on Me

September 2, 2018 Speaker: Vicar Joe Highley Series: The Healthy Life

Topic: Health

Friends -

We’ve come to the end of the “Healthy Life” sermon series.  By now you have hopefully picked that one goal you are working on implementing into your life so that you may better serve Jesus with your body.  But we aren’t done yet! We have talked about faith, food, fitness, focus and now this Sunday, we are talking about friends.  That sounds a lot like it has to do with other people and not our own lives and bodies, doesn’t it?  We are going to talk all about to how friends connect to living the healthy life in Jesus. 
Jesus made a direct effort to cultivate friendships around him, for their support and for His.  We lean on one another as friends, and ultimately, we lean on Jesus who will never let us down.  Read Ecclesiastes 4:7-12 in preparation and I will see you on Sunday as we continue to build community, make friends, and learn about Jesus!

In Christ, Vicar Joe

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