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Baptism II: A Good Faith Estimate

July 8, 2018 Speaker: Bill Hartley Series: Ask for the Ancient Path: A Study of the Catechism

When I got baptized, it was a big deal. Well, kind of.

It was June 30th, 1974. I had "accepted Jesus" the week before, walking up to the Pastor at the end of the service at a small Christian church in Santa Barbara, CA. This church believed strongly in every single word of the Bible ... and it said "be baptized" ... so I was, as quickly as possible!

At the same time, this church didn't think baptism actually did anything to me, or for me. It didn't save me. It didn't actually wash away my sins. I wasn't any different after I came up out of the water. It was just a symbol for what had happened the previous Sunday: It was a celebration of my decision for Jesus.

I soon found that the church had, for centuries, believed unequivocally that the ancient path of baptism is "efficacious". That means "successful in producing a desired or intended result; effective." It actually gets something done! No, what I mean to say is that God gets something done through it. It's not just a symbol ... it's an imperative means to a God-intentioned end.

Sunday, we will again "Ask For the Ancient Paths", and take a look once more at baptism. I pray it will be a time of great learning, freeing, and rejoicing in this amazing gospel gift from God!

Until then,
Bill Hartley

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