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The 10 Graces

June 10, 2018 Speaker: Bill Hartley Series: Ask for the Ancient Path: A Study of the Catechism

What do you think I say ... "The Ten Commandments"?

Great! -- I love them, and love obeying them!
Good -- I know they're the right things to do.
Boring -- I've heard those over and over and over...
Guilty -- I know I break them all the time and should do better. 
Chippy -- I don't like anyone telling me what I'm supposed to do.
Indifferent -- That's the law, so we don't have to do those anymore.
Militant -- We need to fight for them to be displayed in places of government.
Nostalgic -- Wasn't that a great movie with Charlton Heston?

Sunday, we continue our Ask For the Ancient Paths series, when we'll look at the most ancient of our well-trodden paths, the Ten Commandments. Over 3,300 years ago, Moses was summoned up onto Mt. Sinai by God, Who gave him His laws for His people Israel. For 1,300 years, they were the Jews' foundational principles for their spiritual and national life. For the past 2,000 years, the Ten Commandments have been central to both Judaism and Christianity. As Lutherans, they are one of the chief six elements of our Small and Large Catechisms.

But what are they to us now? 3,300 years...aren't they a bit outdated? If they're old news that has been replaced by a new gospel, why do we make such a big deal of them? Are they hoops we have to jump through to please God?

Join us Sunday as we not only talk about the ancient path of the 10 Commandments but also encourage you to see them in a practical, exhilarating way. When you know why this ancient path was beaten, and where it can take you, you'll want to jump on it, and run in its direction for the rest of your days!

I hope to see you Sunday!

In Christ, Pastor Bill Hartley

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