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On the Seventh Day of Christmas

December 31, 2017 Speaker: Bill Hartley Series: Advent Series - Ready and Waiting

Passage: Luke 2–2

On the Seventh Day of Christmas” … at Christ’s Greenfield (that’s Sunday, December 31 by the way!), I’ll have the privilege of sharing the Christmas story from Luke 2 which features two grand old saints, Simeon and Anna. For years and years, these two waited (Advent) for the coming of Messiah (Christmas). It is wonderful to see their response to the gift of the incarnate son of God, Jesus … “I have seen Thy salvation!”

But, now what? Jesus is born. Christmas has come. But, really, what does it mean? Having celebrated Christmastide today, how do we walk into our tomorrow? I look forward to peering into the lives of these octogenarians for some insight into living lives well in response to the gospel!

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