5.16.20  Watch Tim and Jake LIVE to hear all about the plan to worship on the Gilbert AND East Mesa Campuses!  Also, news for those of you who will continue to worship with us online!  Drive thru Communion availalbe on Sunday 5.17.20. Join us anytime between 9am and 10:30am!  

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Core Values


During the COVID-19 pandemic response our church community will be congregating here to connect to the body of Christ.  There will be new content provided daily to ensure that our community is continuing on the simple discipleship journey of Worshiping, Journey Groups, and Serving.  This is a place where you will be uplifted and challenged by biblical teachings while providing the hope of Jesus to others in this heightened season of need.

While we will be meeting online for the forseeable future, our mission and core values remain the same:


JESUS reshapes all of life.
In Jesus we live, move, and have our very being. Jesus is at the center of everything we think, do, and say at CG.

BIBLICAL truth roots us.
The Bible points us to Jesus. The Bible is our sole rule and norm as followers of Jesus.

LUTHERAN (LCMS) heritage grounds us.
We boldly stand by our Lutheran teachings which point us to Jesus through the Means of Grace (Word and Sacrament), and reveal the heart of God through Law and Gospel.

COMMUNITY is our context.
We resist radical individualism. We yearn for deep relationships. The church is us.

LEADERSHIP development is our passion.
The Holy Spirit helps us discover, develop, and deploy leaders in every sector of society.

MISSION is our mandate.
We keep "mission for" as more important than "mission with."