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Work on Sundays?

February 5, 2020 : Topic Introduced

How do you balance trying to attend church while possibly working on Sundays? Should the church adjust to meet the changing reality of many working on Sundays? Let us know your thoughts and opinions...and use the Bible as led by the Spirit!

Ready. Set. Respond!


Our Illinois congregation held mid week services (Thurs nite we think) for folks. There was a decent sized group to continue the services.
Our Iowa congregation holds Sat eve 5:30 services and again a steady group of folks attend.
If one has to work on Sundays to make a living for themselves and/or their family, I think our God is an understanding God. They should use another day to devote part of that day to reading the Bible & viewing a sermon on “you tube” for a few hours. If Bible study is available during their off work time, then take advantage of the situation by learning & being in the Word.
Look at the number of occupations that require working on Sundays, such as: Medical employees, police & firefighters & MTs, roadside assistance employees, service people who help others, the list can expand much more than what I listed. It depends upon the occupation one desires to work at that will depend if their Sunday is free to attend worship & rest for part of the day.
We used to have a 5pm sunday service which worked out well. Could still do sporting or family events. Could sleep in. Sunday service got me ready for my work week. Still got home early enough.
Yes I work almost all sundays.
I work at the airport and we are an 24hour 7 days a week operation.
My shift is 530-2pm.
Sunday pm services would be amazing.
I think it could be a benefit for those who are unable to attend Sunday mornings. Several churches have alternate service’s on Saturday or Monday’s at 5:00PM which seems to work for this working on Sundays or out of town on the weekend.
What a good question! The easy answer is to say yes, and, after saying that, offer a worship opportunity that is outside of the Sunday workday. But then, would that be a traditional service or a contemporary one? There is also the question of, in reality, how many people does this affect? Would the outside of Sunday workday service be one that is attended by, say, 12-15 people, of which 5 or 6 are just people who want to make Sunday free of all commitments. Is that a Spirit led use of resources. So, my answer is yes, the church should. But it must be willing to meet all the challenges that arise from that decision.
The Bible tells us in Matthew 18: 20
"Where two or three are gathered there I am also."
When I am with my church family I feel totally at home with the Lord. However during my various careers there were several occasions when I was not able to be in church on Sunday.
When possible I would try to attend another church Knowing that God is with me no matter where I am.
While in the military it was impossible at times to be in A church but with the military Bible that was given to me I carried it in my breast pocket of my uniform to read when I was able. I even read it to others when they asked me what I was doing.
When on duty as a police officer on Sunday I was able occasionally to find a time for thought and for God.
Now I know the Bible passage found in Matthew said "Where two or three are gathered..." however I also know that even if we're in our own private closet by ourselves there we will also find God.
Even in a crowd we can pray silent prayers to our Lord Jesus Christ knowing that he will hear us.
Church? Yes, sincere prayer anytime.
It would be nice to have a Saturday evening service. When I have to work on Sunday I have to go elsewhere for Saturday service.

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