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We are a Journey Group Church


It is a joy to serve Jesus alongside you as we greatly anticipate His resurrection which gives us all hope and the promise that we will live with Jesus forever!

You may soon be hearing around CGLCS, "We are a Journey Group church." What does this mean? It means that we are going to the extreme to bring the gospel to our parishioners and also going to extremes to make sure that people have homes in a journey group. It is well known that when people feel connected, they are more active in their church and they are more inclined to live out their faith. I have been blessed to be given the role of leading the Journey Group Connections team. My team and I are trying to help place all individuals that want to be in relationship with others into Journey Groups. We know that the friendships formed in Journey Groups are an important blessing in the life of a Christian. Jesus never intended us to walk alone. He wanted us to worship together, commune together, and pray together. We are to build each other up through providing encouragement and also to challenge one another to grow in our faith walk. Journey Groups at CGLCS are a vehicle to make this happen!

I would like to update you on several recent enhancements with regard to the Journey Group structure. First, our new Director of Family Ministry, Trey Cox, has put together a spiritual development program for the Journey Group leaders. We have recently begun to refer to these leaders as Journey Group Shepherds because they are essentially “shepherding” their own small flock in a home church setting. When we engage in the experiences and life of a Journey Group, we are “doing” what Church was meant to be! To help our Shepherds more effectively minister to their Journey Group members, they are participating in a bi-monthly Spiritual Leadership Development Program. The courses began in mid-February and have generated great enthusiasm and attendance. It is important to note that these sessions are open to anyone from CGLCS that wants to deepen their personal faith and also learn leadership skills that will prepare them to lead others.  If you are interested in joining the spiritual training or want additional information, please contact Trey.

As we move toward a multi-site platform at Christ's Greenfield, Journey Groups will be pivotal in ensuring success during expansion. For example, we already have a pioneering group of people that will begin meeting in May as our first Journey Group at Eastmark in Mesa at Jeff and Peggy Rodemeyer's home. These gatherings will take place long before we have our first official worship service at a new site. Essentially, we will be raising up the Church through building intentional one-on-one interpersonal relationships. This Biblically-based strategy will be used with every potential multi-site location by bringing people together as a church family in our homes. If God chose to use this model to originally build His church, why shouldn’t we?

Soon we will be streamlining the church’s website so it is much easier to find where the different Journey Groups are geographically located and the logistics of each. There will be brief biographies of each Journey Group provided with details on how they function, because they are all a little different.  This information will be helpful in finding where you fit in. With good systems in place, an active Connections team, and gifted Shepherds who are leading their own mini-churches in homes, we believe that we are on the right track!  God is leading and guiding us. If you have requested to be placed into a Journey Group and have not been placed yet, please be patient! We are doing our best to connect each person to a good landing spot.

To be one of your Vicars is one of the greatest honors of my life. I love each and every one of you.  Thank you for embracing me and helping me grow as I learn the ropes. I pray that this Easter season brings you immense joy as you place your life into the arms of our Lord, Jesus.  If you ever have any questions about Journey Groups, please feel free to email or call me.  Let's get you connected!