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Time For You


This is as fast-paced of a season of ministry as I have ever experienced. The Holy Spirit is powerfully at work. Our team is working hard to provide training for serve team members, leaders, coaches and directors. Our team is working hard to establish theological training content for our Journey Group shepherds, Bible Study leaders, and elders. Our team is working hard to visit many people to share the vision of Live the Journey. The list could go on and on...but you get the picture. It’s a fast-paced season.

I’m not freaking out. Maybe you think I’m crazy. Reading that list gives you a headache. I’m not freaking out for two reasons. One - the Holy Spirit is doing the work. Truly. All I do is show up and strive to be faithful and present. Two - I’m a part of an amazing team of paid and non-paid leaders. They daily amaze me. I’m not alone. This vision to reach the community is not mine - it is God’s, and our, vision.

One of the areas of collateral damage in a season like this is people thinking, “He/they are too busy for me.” Hear this from the bottom of my  heart - people are more important than projects. If the door to my office is ever open, and I’m staring at my computer, you have complete freedom to interrupt me. If you need more than just a passing conversation please reach out to to schedule a 30 minute chat around whatever is burdening you. I will be honored to pray and share God’s Word with you. I can confidently say the rest of our staff feels the exact same way.

Again, every human being needs deeper, consistent relationships to bear one another's burdens. This is why we pray every member at CGLCS joins a Journey Group. We are training our Journey Group leaders to start to “shepherd” their group members through the inevitable ups and downs of life. Please contact Trey Cox if you would like to be in a Journey Group.

One of my kids had a rough day this week. I came home late in the afternoon and found them crying. Thankfully, I had enough energy to sit on the couch, hold their hand, and listen to their struggles. They just needed my presence.

Can you make time for someone else this week? Can you notice their hurt and say, “I have time for you. Can we grab coffee or go for a walk so I can hear what’s going on in your journey?” This will make a huge difference.

The radical nature of the incarnation of Jesus is that God said, “I have time for you. I am sending my Son to take your sin and give you life. I am giving you My Word to remind you of My love. I am giving you My Holy Spirit to comfort you through trouble. You are not alone. I have time for you.”