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So thankful for all of our community during this very unusual time. We are working tirelessly every week to make sure His Word is proclaimed loudly every week!

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The Wait Is Over


By: Pastor Tim Ahlman

I’m kind of impatient. I’ve prayed for patience for a long time. Jesus is slowing giving it. I think He wants me to learn patience faster, but my impatience gets in the way of my patience pursuit. Make sense?

If not, let me share an example. I want videos and podcasts on my phone to work immediately when I hit play. I despise poor cell phone coverage. I loathe running out of phone storage.  The “spinning loading circle” profoundly annoys me. The ironic thing is that 7 or 8 years ago I wasn’t impatient about this at all. I would have been amazed at videos playing on my phone. But now I want it now. You get the picture? Make sense?

My impatience sometimes extends to relationships. I have grown to love the change that comes through Jesus-centered counseling. Being a counselor has taught me to listen. Being a counselor has taught me to slow down. Counseling is teaching me patience. People and relationships are complex - they are far from simple. Relationship reconciliation takes time. You probably would not have gotten anything worth anything from me a decade ago. I may have impatiently counseled you to “just fix yourself” and “move on.” I’m glad Jesus is still working in me. You probably are too. You get the picture? Make sense? I’m an impatient person. Your pastor is a sinner. Newsflash.

Jesus is thankfully redirecting my impatience. He’s told me repeatedly, “Tim, there is only one thing you should be impatient over. One thing, Tim. You ready? Is your head and heart peaceful enough to receive my Word? Okay, here it is. You need more of me, Tim. Never be satisfied with your spiritual journey with Me. I have more to show you. Day by day, I am with you and in you. Impatiently yearn to more deeply know me. Impatiently share me with the world.”

That’s a major part of my daily conversation with Jesus. Jesus is leveraging my impatience and transforming it into a kingdom-expanding holy discontent. He’s far from finished with me. Thanks for your patience.

Imagine being the Jews waiting for the promised Messiah. Prophecy after prophecy had been given for hundreds of years. Potential Messiah’s came and went. We gather this Christmas Eve to celebrate that the wait was over 2000 years ago in the person of Jesus. Patience and peace are personified in Jesus. Let ‘em all know - the wait is over.

We are also approaching the end of 2017. Please check out the infographic below highlighting all that Jesus did in 2017! Sixty-three baptisms! So amazing! Thank you so much for your generosity toward the mission of Jesus at CGLCS this year! Many of you make year-end gifts that bless the CGLCS community. Thank you. Jesus was so good this past year. Many of your investments saw a marked increase. Praise God! There are ways to be generous with your appreciated assets that maximizes your tax benefit, and blesses your church and school. Please contact Jack Kalleberg with any questions.

I can’t wait to see what Jesus will do in 2018! Thanks to your partnership in the Gospel. That’s the only thing I can be impatient about. Jesus says.


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