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So thankful for all of our community during this very unusual time. We are working tirelessly every week to make sure His Word is proclaimed loudly every week!

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The Healthy Life


I want to live a healthy life. Eat right. Work hard. Have a ton of energy. Be present for my family and friends. I want to be able to give my life away on behalf of others to live out my calling as a Christ follower each and every day. Now, I can’t do that if I’m dead. I can’t do that if I eat cheeseburgers each day with no regard for my cholesterol numbers. I can’t do that by being a recluse on my recliner each night watching “Game of Thrones” and then repeating each day! But, with God’s guidance and help, others’ support and a willing attitude, we can live healthy lives! I want us to be well-prepared to fulfill God’s purposes for us: "For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do” (Ephesians 2:10).

At our Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod’s District Convention within the Pacific Southwest region this past June, the new President Elect, Rev. Mike Gibson, ended the conference to pastors, lay leaders and commissioned workers, saying, “Take care of yourselves - spiritually, emotionally, relationally, and physically!” Amen to that. There are many pastors who do not have these areas of their lives locked in, to which my heart drops for them.

His comments reminded me of this image: the Spiritual Wellness Wheel!


This wheel reminds me that in order for each of us to roll smoothly through life, we must have rhythms in place to care for our whole selves. All of these aspects of our own self are connected to our spiritual lives. Jesus got this concept better than any of us. He commanded us even to, “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength” (Mark 12:30). Notice how He didn’t say, “Love the Lord your God with all your spiritual soul! That’s it!” Jesus cares about your whole self: your intellectual mind, your physical body, your job, your finances, your emotional health, and your friendships.

I want to be healthy in these areas so that I can help lead all types of people in this world to experience Jesus so that they have a life-filled eternity. Our staff at our church and school desires to be healthy so that more men, women, children, babies, homeless, hipsters, Hispanics, and all types of people we meet, experience Jesus. We recognize we can’t live out God’s mission most effectively, for the most amount of time on this earth, if we are not living healthy lives.

We are proud to announce that in August our fall kick-off sermon series is going to be equipping you through God’s Word to live “The Healthy Life!”

Over those five weeks, we are asking prayerfully to God our Father to establish better habits in our lives in the areas of faith, food, fitness, focus and friendships. Join us in that prayer for our lives. Invite your friends to church as we look to live “The Healthy Life” on our journey with Jesus!

This series is being adapted from Pastor Rick Warren’s The Daniel Plan: 40 Days to a Healthier Life. We encourage you to buy the book and read along. We will have copies at the “Welcome Kiosk” on Sundays available for purchase or get it on Amazon! We also have different personal trainers who can help in the area of diet, exercise and counseling who are on the sidelines ready to help you.

A few of those next steps towards “The Healthy Life” you can take during this series include:

  • The Daniel Plan will be a 6-week class lead by Ron and Vicky Wilson on Sunday mornings beginning August 5 through September 9. To get more information or to sign up today, contact Vicky.

  • Workout Wednesdays for Seniors is a fitness group for 60 year olds and up to come on out for some safe and effective strength exercise at 7 am in the Journey Center. All classes are free! It is so important to take care of our strength, especially as we get older. We have a great group and can always welcome more. To get more information, contact Coe Kirby.

I can’t wait to hear story after story this fall of life transformation! Some of you will change the way you look at food, fitness or your relationship with your friends. I heard recently about a group of men and women who are empty nesters within our church that go hiking about once a month. The joy I see in their pictures excites me. They are in God’s creation, breathing in His gift to them, strengthening relationships, focused on their goals, and smiling at the healthy life they are living!

Jesus will lead us as we continue on our journey with Him!