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Should we pray for the Devil and his demons?

November 6, 2019 : Response to last week's topic by Pastor Jake Boessling

Last week, I posed the question, "Should we pray for the Devil and his demons?" Many of you responded and the discussion was great! Now, I'd like to respond via vlog, as we move from blog to vlog in our discussion.

October 30, 2019 : Topic introduction by Pastor Jake Boessling

I have heard a few conversations lately about the Devil and demons. One question that came up was this, "Should we pray for the Devil and his demons?" Let's hear from you on what you think.

Consider this verse as you grapple with this deep question - Jesus says in Matthew 5:44, "But I tell you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you..." Demons and the Devil definitely persecute us but should we be praying for them?

Should we pray for the Devil and his demons?

Please take some time to reply and I can't wait to answer this question in a few days. Stay tuned! 


If you would even consider praying for the devil, what would you pray for? He is totally evil and God would have no reason to do anything for him.
Satan wanted to overthrow God from the throne of Heaven but his planned failed & God banished him from Heaven. The devil is a fallen angel. When we pray the Lord’s Prayer, we pray “deliver us from evil
(evil one). The devil is the evil one. Although God wants us to pray for & forgive our enemies, this does not include the devil or his demons. They want to devour our souls & we cannot let them get a foothold on us. God’s word refers to the devil as a lion, stalking his prey & waiting to devour us. In all aspects, the devil represents evil & we always need
to be on guard. He is the ultimate enemy of God & ours.
My answer is no. The devil opposes good, and therefore the very nature of God and His existence. So then, if I were to pray to God on behalf of the devil, what exactly would I be asking God to hear or do? It makes no sense.
Satan and his minions have already been judged and received condemnation as Angels.
Jesus became human to pay a propitiation, as man, that those who believed in Him as the Christ would receive salvation.
Satan and his are not humans; they are fallen Angels. Prayer for them is not effective.
Well, interesting question but my answer is no, the devil and angels for that matter have no ability to change. This gets into free will and predestination which is a bit tricky to cover in a sermon. However, Pastor, I have been know to pray like the devil! (A little play on words.) looking forward to your sermon.
I think we should as we pray for anyone who does despicable acts. It's difficult to understand why some people chose to do such things but who are we to judge?
When someone is full of hate and loathing it must be difficult to carry that around every day.
Think it's why the song 'sympathy for the devil's is a classic.

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