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Last week, I posed the question, "Are there any problems with Christians making New Year's resolutions?" Many of you responded and the discussion was great! Now, I'd like to respond via vlog, as we move from blog to vlog in our discussion.


Happy New Year! It's 2020. Gym memberships increase. Diet books are bought. Bible plans are downloaded. Most of us join the world to know that changes in our lives could happen in a new year.

BIG QUESTION: Are there any problems with Christians making New Year's resolutions?

We would love to know your thoughts, reflections and dialogue with you over the next few days before I respond with a VLOG.

Have a blessed New Year!


Depending on the resolution I've made I try really hard to keep it. Sometimes the whole resolution gets forgotten but I always keep part of it in my heart when it comes to my service to God and my church.
There must be more important things to ponder than whether Christians should make New Years resolutions
No. No problems with new resolutions, or habits, that we seek to instill. We must always focus on grace and our journey of faith. We will/may fail. Jesus forgives. With that understood, resolve. Change. Grow. Jesus is with you.
We have personally made resolutions during the year and have succeeded at some and failed at others. Most people make New Year's resolutions but lack faith and commitment to see the end results. We have God's word through the Bible to help us as Christians to get through those tough times that we endure through faith!!
Yes, if the New Year's Resolution is self serving. Jesus teaches us to love and serve one another. If your Resolution is to serve more and walk His path better, than let the Lord be your true guide and that's good.

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