Just dial in to (888) 918 - CGLC (2452) at 7:30 for the Traditional Service and at 10:45 for the Contemporary Service. If you know anyone who might benefit: Don't hesitate to share! 

So thankful for all of our community during this very unusual time. We are working tirelessly every week to make sure His Word is proclaimed loudly every week!

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REAL LIFE : Vicar Brian Muldowney


Hey guys! Believe it or not, I do stuff outside of vicarage, and even beyond my four years at seminary. Despite all the goings on, both here and at seminary, there are always a few things that I do to keep me refreshed and on fire for Jesus. And hey, they give me a bit of a crazy personality as well!

Real Life: Dates/Leisure Activities

NicoDinner Date: Marybeth and I are newlyweds, as some of you know. We've spent the last few years living hours apart, and so when we would make the trip to see each other, going out on dinner dates was a must. I'm happy to say that this has stayed a staple in our relationship even after marriage. We've recently been exploring the area and the food joints around Gilbert. I've taken Marybeth to Nico Heirloom Kitchen twice since we've been here, and we both love it! It's always great to treat yourself and the person you love to a nice dinner date, and then maybe some ice cream next door afterward.

Wind CaveHiking: Marybeth and I also love to hike. We're both active people and we try and stay in shape. The AZ scenery is amazing! It’s almost unbelievable that we get to live in a place like this! God truly is good! We've already been on a few hikes. We’ve hiked in Sedona and a few weeks ago went to Wind Cave in Mesa. Experiencing God's awesome creation with my wife is always a positive thing to do on the weekend!

Real Life: Currently Reading

When Helping HurtsWhen Helping Hurts: How to Alleviate Poverty without Hurting the Poor...and Yourself – Recently I've been cranking through some wonderful books on ministry and one's own personal piety with Jesus. Since I was a child, Jesus has placed on my heart a need to help those who are marginalized and in need. When Helping Hurts is a must read for this! The poor and working poor, the marginalized and downtrodden, they all have gifts given by God. If we are intent on helping the communities that come to mind when we hear those words, then we need to equip them with their own abilities and talents. Too often we as the Western Church go into situations where we see a “dire need” without actually assessing the situation. This creates outward dependence rather than self-reliance within the communities we are trying to help. It leads to helping rather than hurting!

SteinbeckThe Log of the Sea of Cortez – I have a confession. I'm a HUGE John Steinbeck fan. This is just one of the many of his books I have read. It's an autobiography about when Steinbeck went to the Gulf of Mexico to study marine life. It's an interesting read. It's the 15th book I've read by him!

Real Life: Currently Watching

HurricanesThe Carolina Hurricanes: Being from Detroit I'm a huge hockey fan. Marybeth and I don't have cable, so that usually means I'm stuck to watching games on my computer. Now, don't get me wrong, I love my hometown team, the Detroit Red Wings, but the Carolina Hurricanes are my team of choice. Ask me about it in person. It's a crazy story. Anyways, being a Hurricanes fan is a labor of love. They haven't made the playoffs in 9 years, and are currently last in their division. But hey, they're better than the Coyotes! #Redvolution

MASHM*A*S*H – As for T.V. Shows, Marybeth and I have Netflix, and I have to say, I love M*A*S*H. It's from before my time but the comedy gets me every time! My favorite character isn't Fr. Mulcahy though - it's definitely Hawkeye.

Real Life: Hobbies
Bonsai Trees:
For my birthday this October my wife bought me a bonsai tree. I love these little things and the effort it takes to keep them looking good. It's like having a cat or dog! Even though I have to water it every day and there was recently an aphid infestation, caring for my Chinese Elm sometimes gives me peace and calm in hustle and bustle of my daily workweek.

Real Life: Devotional

Path Strewn SinnersA Path Strewn with Sinners: I bought this devotional book at our local pastor's conference and it's great! It is a devotional study of Mark's Gospel and the writing is very well done. I usually read the corresponding text in KJV. (Yes I know, an atrocity to some.) I then followed this up with reading the devotional itself. I also read God's Word daily, and right now I'm on a journey through Isaiah.  Connecting with Jesus growing closer to Him is amazing! 

Real Life: Your Devotional Practices

I would love to know what you do to keep Jesus at the forefront of your lives. I sometimes go through Vespers or Matins from the Lutheran Service Book, together with a candle and a whole lot of incense burning. But, enough about me. What do you do on your daily walk with Jesus? Do you pray, read God’s Word, or both? How do you do it? I'd love to hear your responses, and so, if you feel inclined, email me, shoot me a message on Facebook, or just strike up a conversation when you see me next. May Jesus bless you!



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