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Is "Original Sin" Original?

082819 originalsin
September 4, 2019 : Response to last week's topic by Pastor Jake Boessling.

Last week, Pastor Tim posed the question, "Is 'original sin' original?" Many of you responded and the discussion was great! Now, I'd like to respond via vlog, as we move from blog to vlog in our discussion.

August 28, 2019 : Topic Introduction by Pastor Tim Ahlman

Are people naturally conceived born “good,” or are they naturally born “bad”?

This question has sparked great debate over the centuries. I believe it still sparks great conversation today. I have sat through many coffee conversations with new and long-time Christians. I have heard many different responses to this question from people at all different stages in their spiritual life.

We’re not ready to give our answer just yet. We’d love to hear what you think. The way you answer this question has profound implications on your worldview, the nature of faith, and your overall view of God.

Watch for Pastor Jake’s video response next week!

Okay, get ready, get set…comment!   


I believe mankind is neither good nor bad; we are sinners with the capacity to do either, or according to our decisions. It is our own perception of the world, if incorrect, i.e. not in accordance with God's judgments, that misdirects us. God has given us the correct world view to apply when making decisions, His scripture; Do Justice, love Mercy and walk humbly with Him.
God created the world perfectly & the Bible tells us He was "Well pleased". That tells me sin hadn't entered the world yet. It was perfect. Then Adam & Eve disobeyed God's simple directions causing the first sin. Their "original" sin has been handed down through the generation of mankind.
This is a question that has stumped me for year. I understand that we are born sinners, and with the ability to Sin however I don’t believe a baby is born bad, if that was the case wouldn’t that imply that if a child died shortly after birth the child because he/she was born bad has no chance to receive God’s gift of everlasting life? When I look at a baby I have never seen one that was bad, I see a happy human that cries not to be bad but to let you know they are hungry, have a dirty diaper or in pain.
We are born BAD. I feel that the longer we are here on this earth we get badder due to our moral weakness. Thank God, our Father for sending Jesus instead of dumping us all in the trash pile
“Christians are not the only “good” people.” I’ve been told this - I think that is true. But.. as Christians we understand all sins are equal so the difference is when we fall short and sin (and we will) we have the peace that comes from Jesus’ sacrifice. Amazing grace gives Christians inner peace other “good people” I know don’t have. Thanks be to God!
I believe we are all born with original sin and Jesus sacrifice has saved me even though I still sin.

Here's something I've been thinking/wondering about: I know God knows everything but it seems like he was surprised Adam and Eve committed that original sin. I'd love to hear your thoughts!
We are born with original sin. Because of Adam and Eve in the garden we are all sinners and continue to sin.
Thank God our Lord sent his son Jesus to die for all of mankinds sins.

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