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NYG Trivia Nite & Auction... (aka NYG Gala)


Close your eyes and go on an adventure with me. Imagine you’re sitting in a stadium...a big one! There’s a glass ceiling and you can see the stars above you. There’s a band on the stage proclaiming the greatness of our Savior. You’re surrounded by thousands upon thousands of harmonious voices singing along, praising Jesus. You look around you and notice that everyone is a little dirty. They’ve got dirt on their hands, sweat on their brows, and they clearly have been doing hard labor, perhaps serving others in the community that day. They all have the same backpack at their feet. There are a lot of young people, but older people too. They’re all proudly and joyfully praising the name of Jesus. They may be tired on the inside, but the expression of joy, belonging and grace upon their faces is pure beauty.  That’s a little piece of heaven right there!

The 2019 National LCMS Youth Gathering is just that: 25,000 Christian Lutheran teenagers and adults joining together to grow in faith, praise Jesus and serve the city of Minneapolis in His name. The Gathering is a little over 480 days away. I know that may seem like a long time, but it’s really not! The process for fundraising, registration and planning began in January. All current 7th-11th grade students are eligible and encouraged to participate, and any college students are encouraged to serve as Young Adult Volunteers. Orange Nation is back and ready to serve the NYG! If you’re going to be 19-25 in 2019 and would like to serve, talk to me or to Cassie Fuller! Applications open this summer.

One big piece of NYG planning is fundraising. Here at CGLCS, we really try to live out God’s holistic call of generosity, and fundraising doesn’t always fit into that. We are blessed and thankful that we already have a portion of the funds needed to go on this trip through your generous weekly offerings. We plan for this every 3 years and it is such a gift to empower young people in God’s Word through this experience. We also only do ONE large gala-style event as a fundraiser. In 2016, that was the “En Solo Christo Gala and Auction.” This year, it’s the Name Your Game Trivia Night and Auction” at 6:00 p.m. on Saturday, April 14 in the Life Center.  Mark your calendars, buy your tickets, gather your Journey Group, families and friends, for a fun night of friendly competition, yummy finger food, wine and dessert. We will also display awesome auction items like gift cards to Bass Pro Shops, Postinos, Harkins movie theatres, Young Living Essential Oils, Lipsense, and more! It’s going to be an AWESOME night! I promise that the trivia questions won’t be too difficult!

Get your tickets here or visit the table with the giant jenga in the courtyard! If you’d like to donate something to the auction, we would love it! Simply email DCE Annie. Anyone and everyone will have a hilarious time as our hosts Luke Morton, Rico Vieane and Pastor Tim Ahlman lead us in some great categories like Candy Crush (candy), Clue (famous mysteries), Hollywood Game Night (celebrities and entertainment), and more! Every category and table are all popular game themes. It’s going to be a great night!

I encourage you to keep supporting our Student Ministries. Not only through your generosity and support of NYG and other trips and experiences, but through daily interactions and conversations with young people. Research shows that if junior high and high school students know many adults in their home congregation - and by know, I mean they have multiple interactions and conversations with someone - the more likely they will return to that congregation and stay connected to their faith in Jesus as they get older and walk the journey of college and young adulthood. Adolescence in 2018 is tough in the lives of our kids and they need the community of believers to uplift them in prayer and walk beside them in faith. We are blessed with over 20 small group leaders in our junior high and high school student ministries that engage, relate, encourage and celebrate with these young people.

Parents, bring your kids with you to worship and model what it looks like to live out faith in Jesus on a daily basis. Help them make their faith journey their own! Encourage them to be involved in a faith community like a small group of their peers. Introduce them to other trusted adults that they can get to know and be known by. Direct them toward incredible life changing experiences like mission trips and National Youth Gatherings. Be courageously bold to tackle the tough questions of life and faith, knowing that your church community is beside you, and your Savior Jesus is with you every step of the way.

Thank you for your continued partnership in supporting our student ministries. Jesus is so present here at Christ’s Greenfield and I am so blessed and thankful I get to serve here and point parents and youth alike to the One who loves us with an unfailing, all-powerful, self-sacrificing love. I praise Jesus for you!