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Is it okay to be mad at God?

December 4, 2019 : Response to last week's topic

Last week, I posed the question, "Is it okay to be mad at God?" Many of you responded and the discussion was great! Now, I'd like to respond via vlog, as we move from blog to vlog in our discussion.

November 27, 2019 : Topic introduction

Is it okay to be mad at God?

I've heard numerous people answer this question in a variety of ways. I would love to hear your response. How we answer this question has profound implications for our journey with Jesus.

Ready. Set. Let the responses fly! 


Is it "okay" to be angry with God? Or does God have thoughts or feelings about His child being angry or feeling angry with Him? Well, what do I feel when my children are angry or mad at me or with me? I honestly feel hurt, maybe misunderstood or think to myself, "they're angry now but what I've done to cause their feelings will be shown in time and hopefully their anger will change with knowledge of why I did what I did". I have been angry with God. A deep and very painful experience with anger towards Him. I have two daughters, both of which have been sexually assaulted. One at 13 years old by a boy in her church youth group. Youth group, a place that should in all accounts be safe. Our second daughter was 18 and went on a blind date. Not a choice I would have supported had I known. She was essentially kidnapped and gang raped. One daughter tried to kill herself. The other ran away from home and came back pregnant and ran away again without her child. She left him with us. For us to raise. Our sweet boy is ASD and ADHD. We couldn't take him to church. Our church was too small to have a special needs class. More than half of our very lovely Christian friends moved on as they didn't have small children and let alone one that was more than a handful. All this said, I became very isolated (this is a key factor) and depressed. Hurt; why God would you give us more than we can handle? Shame; why didn't we see this coming? Guilt; why didn't You us help protect them from the hand of the evil one? Why? Why? Why? These were my emotions, my feelings, my hurts, my pain. But was I thinking about what He was doing, why He was doing, in and around what He was doing? I only focused on my daughters feelings and emotions, my husband, myself and my grandsons feelings and emotions. I stayed in bible study every week for the 15 years because my only friend left made me go with her. Gradually I stopped singing praise songs because I couldn't praise Him in my angry feelings. I didn't pray because He was going to do what He was going to do regardless of how I felt. We already weren't going to worship. I (we) became isolated in our world. Looking inward trying to protect our family. I stopped looking to Jesus to protect my family. I didn't trust Him, I was angry with Him. Can we be angry with God? Yes. Were human. Would life be so much easier if we lived in faith and didn't become wrapped up in our emotions and feelings and to trust He only has the best for us? Oh my goodness YES! Is it okay to be angry with God? I say for myself, now, all this time later, a resounding "NO". I pray and walk with Him next to me everyday to protect MYSELF from being angry with Him ever again. Come what may I strive to be strong in faith and steady on my feet in wisdom and not feelings. Those were the worst years of my life and even as I type I feel the ache of separation from my Jesus that was caused by being angry. He never left me but in my emotional angry feelings I left Him. And of course He was always one small tear away from holding me close when I was ready not to be angry, not to live in my emotions, not to dwell in my feelings. My husband, myself and our son moved to Gilbert from CA> July of 2018. We started worshiping with you last June. You may see us at the 10:45 service. We're ready to not be isolated and to enter back into the fold of God.
Definitely, God understands and has big shoulders.
Personally I have never been mad at God but I think it happens when persons go through a devastating loss. They are so lost, angry, in shock and may lash out at God. God is sad, too, for us when we go through difficult things.
Okay or not being angry with God is probably unavoidable. In my angry time, my mother suffered from Alzheimer's symptoms for over 20 years. In the last several years as I watched her deteriorate so slowly into complete and total helplessness I expressed my opinion to God of the apparent complete uselessness of His allowing her to suffer in such a condition for so long. Then I received an email from a high school classmate that I had not seen for many years. She was a pastor's secretary for years and was visiting the extended care facility where my mother and father were residing. Over a year she had become acquainted with both my parents. In her letter, she described how my father had set an example seen many people over the years of his constant and faithful attention and care that he provided for Mother. It was a witness that God provided to us of how Love actually works. In a moment it was revealed that it is not about me. It was something set before us of a faithful witness that without God is impossible for humans. God sent another person to enlighten me. The anger I held was removed in a second. Is it okay to be mad at God? Probably not but here we are and there is God with Jesus in the middle. Praise the Lord.
Yes, it is okay to be mad at God. First of all, God can handle all of our emotions. He’s got big shoulders and He can take it. As humans we get mad at one another, including a child being mad at their parent(s). God is the Father, sometimes we may feel anger toward Him. The very fact we might get mad indicates a relationship with Him. Given that His desire is to have a relationship with is, I think that God would relish anger as it’s an emotion toward Him indicating there’s belief in Him as opposed to being agnostic.
Look at a couple of Bible stories. Moses got mad at God & God forbid Moses to enter the promise land. Job did nothing wrong & obeyed God but God allowed Satan to try & bring disloyalty between Job & God. Job didn’t kneel to Satan & kept his loyalty toward God. God rewarded Job for his love & obedience. No, I don’t think it is ok to get mad at God. Looking back on my life, it was my human sin that caused my problems.
Yes...in belief. I don’t even know how to say this...i’ve been angry at God at various times throughout my life, but I have always believed that I am a child of God. I think anger can be two-edged; it can bring
you closer to God, or away. The ‘faith part plays a huge role...you either ultimately believe that, even in the depths of anger or despair, God is a loving God who knows way more than you, or you don’t.

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