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Leadership Multiplication


I would like to share a “behind the scenes” look at our Leadership Team’s current WIG for which I have been blessed to serve in a key leadership role.  What is a WIG? It’s not something you wear on your head. In this case WIG stands for Wildly Important Goal. It is our primary strategic push that we actively invite all of our senior leaders to support for a season, so that we can gain meaningful traction behind it.  Our current WIG is to develop a robust and intentional leadership multiplication pathway.

Why Leadership Multiplication?

Developing leaders from within is “Kingdom building” rather than “Kingdom re-distributing”.  The natural thing for most congregations to do when there is a key leadership staff vacancy, is to start searching for qualified leaders who are currently serving at other churches.  Sometimes this is the only option, but it has some serious downsides.  When you pull a leader from another location it often results in a sudden vacancy that also needs to be filled.  A more Kingdom building solution is to raise these leaders from within. Under this system, when a vacancy occurs, there are already qualified and willing candidates ready to step into this role.

We want to be a “net producer”, rather than a “net consumer” of ministry leaders.  As CGLCS has experienced great success in developing a thriving faith community on campus, we are now also envisioning a way to be more Kingdom building by becoming a “sending” institution. This would mean sending teams out into the wider community to start new ministries and new worshipping opportunities centered in Word and Sacrament.  These teams would leverage our existing systems and infrastructure rather than having to re-invent them from scratch, which is a huge advantage. When we send people out, we know that we will be probably be creating vacancies here on campus.  This means we need to develop new and existing leaders from within the congregation to fill those vacancies fairly quick.

How do We Do It?

It starts with developing an intentional leadership pathway that develops people around four clear growth steps:

SERVING others on a regular basis

LEADING a Ministry Team or Journey Group

COACHING others to be more effective leaders

DIRECTING ministries

At each of these steps, we will be providing formal training and curriculum to help people be as effective as possible in their roles.  Key to this training will be understanding our leadership values and empowering leaders to identify the next generation of leaders so they can invite them into an apprenticing relationship.

We have just completed the development of our training materials for Step 1, and very soon we will be inviting those who serve into a new class that we call “SERVE Team Orientation”.  At the same time we are launching this, we are also developing the new curriculum tailored for new Team Leaders.

Getting everyone recruited and trained is a very ambitious goal for us. We will need to conduct a total of 620 training sessions at various levels to fully staff the projected needs of for service and leadership during worship times.

How Can I Help?

When someone asks you to serve or lead, please prayerfully consider the opportunity.  It is important to ask yourself the question “can I do this joyfully?”. If the answer is yes, there is a good chance that this is just the right opportunity God is providing for you to grow as a disciple.

If you are currently serving on a team, then you will soon be receiving an invitation to SERVE Team Orientation.  We strongly encourage you to attend and give your honest feedback on how we can continue to improve what is provided.