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So thankful for all of our community during this very unusual time. We are working tirelessly every week to make sure His Word is proclaimed loudly every week!

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What an exciting time it is right now at CGLCS! It has been a blessing to us, the Lamb family, to be on this journey together with this church body going on 20 years now. Each humble step has been a significant one in the molding and shaping of our faith. At first, we saw our connection here as a vital way to raise our four children in a safe, loving, Christ-centered church and school environment, and that it has been! But, it has been so much more!! Ed and I did not foresee the way the Lord would use our experience in this place to “raise” us, as well.

We both are changed people; in how we view ourselves, our priorities, and our purpose. While we are truly still poor, miserable sinners, making lots of mistakes along the way, we are now able to live in the JOY of saying “YES” to Jesus, and chasing His will for our lives. And, it began with our first shaky and unsure response to the call to generosity.

We had been in a rhythm of being generous with our time and talents for the church, but during the “Join the Journey” efforts a few years ago, we were inspired to understand the impact and the ultimate blessing it could be to be generous with our treasure, as well.

Again, with the Spirit’s leading, we increased our giving significantly even through equally significant employment and income changes. Ed has transitioned out of a “secure” corporate executive status into a future of “self-employed” Kingdom-building ministries, and I transitioned away from full-time teaching into part-time at our amazing school, which in turn created more space for me to serve in my role with Women’s Ministry here. The Lord has had His hand in it all. He has made a way! Opportunities abound, and I know that He is not done!

I surely can’t share all I’d like to in this short post about the many ways that God has returned His blessing upon us and upon our children as we continue to “Live the Journey”. In our imperfection, and our reliance on Him, His power is made perfect. In believing this truth, I trust and support with excitement, the dreams and vision of kingdom expansion He has placed on the hearts of our leadership staff and the empowerment that is available to us, His church, to be a part of it!

I share this only as a humble testimony to what the Lord can do with the absolute surrender of “cheerful givers”, and I’ll leave you with the following prayer by a 16th Century, Spanish Priest/Theologian, that has been an impactful daily reminder to me…

“You have given all to me.
To You Lord, I return it.
Everything I have is Yours.
Do with it what You will.
Give me only Your love and Your grace.
That is enough for me.”
~ Ignatius Loyola

Ladies, I’d love to invite you to our upcoming Growing in Grace (GiG) Women’s Retreat! Below are the details and registration is now open online!