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Enjoying Little Moments on the Journey


Here at Christ’s Greenfield, we live the journey together as a family. We endure, together, the difficult times and rejoice, together, in the victories of life. We have spent a lot of time recently looking back on the journey that we have lived together. A journey that included many difficulties, joys, and victories and we look forward to many yet to come. But today I want to talk about the moments in the journey that won’t be remembered because they pass by in small, seemingly insignificant ways.

As journey brothers and sisters we walk through life side by side and are blessed with front row seats to these moments all the time. Maybe you’ve missed them or didn't know what to look for. These moments come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, they might look like this: enjoying a cold drink with people you love after the hard work of moving a friend into a new home...witnessing joy-filled children running wild in the courtyard and being thankful that our Lord welcomes the little children unto Him... the joy felt at celebrating the final cancer treatment... when a baby cries all through the sermon but you smile anyway because you know that child is being brought up in the house of God…the small moments where hearts connect in prayer at Journey Group…

These are the moments that will never appear in a timeline presentation of the Christ’s Greenfield journey, but they are the sweet moments that bring life to the journey we live together.  These are the times that cause us to stand still and consider that the wondrous works of God reach even into the forgotten moments. I am thankful for all of the big achievements and landmark moments in our church history, but I am thankful, too, for the little moments of life I have been blessed to share with all of you.