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Do you have a limp?


I broke my toe on Sunday night when I stubbed it while I was moving fast and bumped into a son who was standing still. I have been limping around since then. Yesterday, I even got a pretty black orthopedic shoe to wear on my right foot for the next six weeks. I can’t believe that I have three sons between the ages of 10 and 15 and I am the first one to break a bone in our family of five.  As unique as that sounds, read the following quote from my devotion yesterday.

“Deep down, we desperately want God’s blessing. If we want God’s blessing, we have to take the steps God requires of us. Remember when they (Jacob and God) wrestled, God dislocated Jacob’s hip. Jacob walked away with a limp and it served as a daily reminder to depend upon God.  God Makes You New, Pastor Rick’s Daily Devotion, May 29, 2018

I have never had a limp before. Never ever. Can you believe my daily devotion was about how God used a limp to serve as a daily reminder for Jacob to depend on Him?  If we backtrack and read the beginning of the quote we see that it is about wanting God’s blessings. Jacob wanted God’s blessings and God’s answer to Jacob was that he would get a limp. How is getting a limp an answer to the genuine prayer that asks for God’s blessings?

When we pray for God’s blessings, for what are we praying?

Limps. Struggles. Pain. Sorrow. Loss. Hurts.  Certainly God doesn’t see these as blessings, does He? I mean when you experience them, they are often simply awful.  Could it really be that they are allowed so that they serve as a daily reminder to depend on Him?

But what does it really mean to depend on God? Soon after I met my husband, we would often talk for hours about God and our faith. He shared a saying with me that has really stuck with me about what it means to depend on God. “If He isn’t Lord OF all (in your life), He isn’t Lord AT all.”  Depending on God, means depending on Him, for everything. And everything really means everything.  Depending on God means admitting our weaknesses and dropping our false securities at His feet. Depending on God means we humbly confess what is broken in us, so that He can mend us. 

My identity in Christ is all about depending on Him, not me. What HE does. Who HE is.  Where HE goes. My limpy steps should be where HE tells me to go.  

As principal at Christ’s Greenfield Lutheran School, I know this is HIS school and He is blessing us daily. He is blessing our students, our school families, and our faculty and staff by teaching us to depend on Him in everything. As we wrap up 2017-18, there are so many stories this year of His people depending on Him.  As I take the summer to prepare for 2018-19, I know every time I limp around campus it is a reminder to me that He is Lord OF all at CGLCS and we surely can depend on Him!  Why? Because...

God is good...all the time!