Just dial in to (888) 918 - CGLC (2452) at 7:30 for the Traditional Service and at 10:45 for the Contemporary Service. If you know anyone who might benefit: Don't hesitate to share! 

So thankful for all of our community during this very unusual time. We are working tirelessly every week to make sure His Word is proclaimed loudly every week!

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A Visit? Really?


Over 200 (of over 800) families at CGLCS have been visited to hear about the past, present, and future vision for discipling the found to reach those who do not know Jesus. Over 150 families have holistically partnered with us to expand God’s kingdom. Praise Jesus!

We’ve heard that some families are skeptical about why a visit is needed. Some wonder if this is “all about money?” Others question whether their voice and perspective will make a difference? 

First, “visitation” is all over the Scriptures. Strangers, really angels, visit Abraham and Sarah and announce they will have a baby. Jacob visits his brother Esau and God works reconciliation. Jesus visits the homes of all kinds of people, eating with them, sharing stories and teaching, and simply passing the time building relationships of trust. A church that visits one another is simply modeling the biblical invitation. 

So, what is the nature of our “Live the Journey” visits?

  1. The visit is friends visiting friends, praying and reading the Bible together, and deepening relational bonds.
  2. The visit opens the opportunity for every member at CGLCS to ask questions and receive answers about the present and future ministry of the church. I can’t stress this enough - every one of your questions helps leadership prioritize ministry objectives moving forward. We are better together!

  3. The visit gives every member at CGLCS the opportunity to unify around a common cause to expand God’s kingdom.

  4. Finally, the visit invites every member at CGLCS to pray about where Jesus is leading them to financially commit to the mission of Jesus at CGLCS in the coming three years. Please believe me, this invitation is a spirit-filled and joyful invitation. It is not a heavy-handed assessment. Whatever each family is led by Jesus to give is the right thing.

This is Christ’s church...and therefore it is our church. This is not my church, Pastor Jake’s church, or any other paid staff member’s church. This is our church. Every member of the body of Christ has the same value. I pray you take us up on the invitation to help shape the future of CGLCS.

A visit? Really. You will be blessed...and so will your church family. 

Email the office to schedule your visit, today.

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