Just dial in to (888) 918 - CGLC (2452) at 7:30 for the Traditional Service and at 10:45 for the Contemporary Service. If you know anyone who might benefit: Don't hesitate to share! 

So thankful for all of our community during this very unusual time. We are working tirelessly every week to make sure His Word is proclaimed loudly every week!

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A Good Week


This week is my favorite week of the entire church year! It is the pinnacle of our Christian faith. Jesus lived a perfect life. Jesus died. Jesus rose. Everything is changed because of this week. 

Jesus is the triumphant King of kings riding into Jerusalem in humility. 

Jesus is present with us in His body and blood. 

Our sins are forgiven because of Jesus’ perfect sacrifice on the cross. 

Life is ours now and forever through Jesus’ resurrection. 

This is a good week. That is an understatement of the utmost proportion. 

This week on our CGLCS Facebook Group I asked, “What is your favorite part of Holy Week?” Here are a few of the profound answers from the saints in Christ at CGLCS: 

TARA KOBEL: The table. There is something so powerful about Jesus sitting around with His disciples knowing full well what was coming. I can’t imagine the heaviness He must have felt. If I had been one of His disciples, looking back on the meal on Friday, I would have been devastated that I didn’t revel in it more. So thankful for the empty tomb though, for my redemption and the forgiveness of all of my sins.

KAREN HARTLEY: I can't choose one without the other! I think my favorite thing about Holy Week is that we go through the whole thing from Palm Sunday, to Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, then Easter! Taking any one of those away reduces the meaningfulness of all the others. The big picture of God's redemption of His people through His Son is so beautiful and grand and overwhelming, and it is good for our souls to walk through it every year and be reminded of the full goodness of our God and Savior! I am overwhelmed.

  • BRIAN FALL: I agree! It's just like everything else in His plan for us - it's so intertwined and intricate, no piece stands on it's own. Walking thru the whole week, beginning to end, really shows how it all ties together. Each piece of the week evokes different emotions from spirit-filled peaks on Palm Sunday, to the beginnings of understanding on Maundy Thursday, to the depths of despair on the cross on Good Friday and back again to the highest peak of joy on Easter Sunday! I love how Christ's Greenfield Church creates an atmosphere for worship that allows a follower to really immerse themselves in the passion of the week.

SUSAN LAABS: The Easter Bunny? I’m totally kidding!! For me, I love the tradition of the holiday... I see other cultures celebrating festivals in Brazil and the parades of Mardi Gras in New Orleans...and I know our Ash Wednesday is coming, and followed by that the entire Lenten Season including Holy Week.  It all leads up to Easter which boldly separates us from non-Christian beliefs. I love the fact that everything Jesus is front and center at Easter!! There is no grey area...we boldly proclaim His name!!

LEE BAUER: I love Holy Week! What a privilege to walk with Jesus! To know that when He was suffering on that cross, He was thinking of me, Lee...and of each and every one of those that have loved, love, and will love Him. I cannot get through Good Friday without tears. To see God’s awesome and perfect plan of redemption unfold and our joy and hope in His resurrection! God is GOOD!

It is undeniable that Jesus and His Spirit are moving in a mighty way at CGLCS. There is nothing that people can do to produce such a movement of love. Everything that is good is by, for, and to the crucified and risen Jesus. 

May this Holy Week draw you closer to Jesus. The Day of His return and the restoration of the cosmos is drawing near. What a Day it will be! This is a good week.