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Is "Original Sin" Original?

082819 originalsin

Are people naturally conceived born “good,” or are they naturally born “bad”?...

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Church Hopping


Is there a problem with church hopping?...

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Meet the Kosbergs


Meet the newest vicar coming to Christ's Greenfield... Joel Kosberg!...

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Owner of the Church


What does it mean to be an “Owner” of the Church?...

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Farewell from the Highley's


A farewell from Vicar Joseph Highley....

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Holy Land Trip


Have you ever traveled to the holy lands? Vicar Jeff would love for his experience to be your experience!...

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A Visit? Really?


Why a visit? Glad you asked! We’ve heard that some families are skeptical about why a visit is needed. Some wonder if this is “all about money?” Others question whether their voice and perspective will make a difference? ...

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God's Hotshots


Is masculinity toxic? No, masculinity is not toxic. Is femininity toxic? No, femininity is not toxic. What’s toxic is sin. ...

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Enjoying Little Moments on the Journey


Here at Christ’s Greenfield, we live the journey together as a family. We endure, together, the difficult times and rejoice, together, in the victories of life....

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Lord, Teach Us To Pray


There is nothing more important than to learn how to pray. Prayer can heal when we truly believe; prayer can comfort us when we speak personally to God. In prayer, we see miracles in God’s time....

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